Modular Pulsed Laser Illuminator

Product Features:
  • EIL-2 accommodates up to 12 Laser Diodes / Emitters (OSRAM or any TO-18 style).
  • Each Laser Diode has choice of vertical or horizontal mounting orientation.
  • Each Laser Diode has approximately +/- 20 degrees of tilt adjustability.
  • EIL-2 modules may be linked (arrayed) together for custom output power/patterns.
  • Eight EIL-2 modules may be assembled into a complete ring illuminator.
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency up to 15 kHz (standard), up to 100 kHz (custom).
  • TTL/CMOS compatible trigger input.
  • Laser discharge voltage supply of 0 200Vdc.
  • Bias voltage supply of 15Vdc @ < 20 mA (typical).

EIL-2 Datasheet

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