Single Channel, Low-cost Averaging
Time-of-Flight Chronometer Module

Product Features:
  • Custom programmed for OEM Applications.
  • Five reserved I/O pins from internal controller for customer's application.
  • Single channel averaging chronometer for time-of-flight measurements.
  • Counting rate up to 50 MHz (externally controlled).
  • Time interval measurement resolution to 1.25 ns  (internally averaged).
  • TRIGGER output to start an external event - fires laser in LRF applications.
  • Control information and data transfer via synchronous serial interface.
  • Selectable internal averaging interval or single shot data for external manipulation.
  • Selectable maximum count - scalable range gate for LRF applications.
  • Range counter is 8-bits with overflow capability to extend measurement.
  • Circuit board size just 1.60 x 2.30 inches, weight < 0.5 ounce.


ECH-1B Datasheet

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